Successful Completion of Common Wealth Games 2010

Yesterday, whole of world saw successful Completion of Common Wealth 2010 Games held in Delhi. Name of Common Wealth Games 2010 Delhi will be now taken with other successful games held in different parts of world. At the end, Delhi Common Wealth Games and its arrangements got great thumbs up from Athletes, media and people. Successful completion of these games is a great success for India and Delhi government which worked very hard to make these games a big success.

Though, there were lots of doubts over the success of these games before the start of these games because many construction works were still pending. However, authorities concerned with Construction of these stadiums and other construction works completed them on time. Before the start of games, Indian government got lots of embarrassments when many construction works missed deadlines after deadlines. Moreover, there were many apprehensions related to capability of India to host such games successfully.

After the successful completion of these games, we can say that Indian government has succeeded in increasing standard of Indian games and showing world our potential. This success of Common Wealth games has opened hopes for other major sports events in India in near future.
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