Great performance by Indian Athletes

The major credit for making Common Wealth Games 2010 Delhi successful goes to Indian Athletes who helped India to get second position in Medal Telly in Common Wealth Games. Before, the start of these games, it was very hard to believe that Indian athletes will perform so well in Common Wealth Games. India stood second in Common Wealth Games by getting 38 Gold medals and also got more than 100 medals in these games. Many unknown faces performed extremely well in all major games taking Indian sports to next level.

Now, we can expect same performance by Indian athletes in upcoming major world sport events. With these games, Indian athletes have shown their potential and what they can do even without good facilities. It now becomes more important for Indian governments to encourage sports in their states and provide all help to emerging sportsmen. We can give example of Haryana state of India which contributed 40% gold medals to Indian medal telly despite being a small state of India with 2% population of India.

Other states can follow example of Haryana to give more gold medallists to India. In CWG 2010, we saw great performances by Indians in games like shooting, Wrestling, Badminton, Boxing, Archery, athletics etc; however, we still missed in games like Swimming, diving, cycling etc. By encouraging and celebrating success of these individuals, we can increase standards of Indian sports many times.
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