No fear is real life

It is very common for any human being to feel fears in life and we all fear from numbers of situations and outcomes. Therefore, no person should feel strange if he feels fear in life; however, too much of fear in life is bad. Some people fear too much and due to this excessive fear, they just decrease quality of their life. It is difficult for any person to fear simultaneously and live a good quality life because fears affect our mental and physical abilities.

Too much fear leads to mental and physical sickness and people may suffer from various physical and mental illness. However, fear is common emotion felt by almost every person, though, extent of its feeling may vary from person to person. Sometimes, one fear leads to hundreds and thousands of more fears; therefore, a person got burdened under his fears. We can reduce our most of fears by facing them directly and solving problems which are creating these fears.

Most of fears can be easily reduced in life by any person by working in direction to remove problems and situations which are causing fears. A good planned life can reduce most of our fears and we can hope to live a quality life. It is important to understand that no fear is real life and life full of fears is not suitable for any person.
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