Finally a decision on Ayodhya

Today, Lucknow Bench of Allahabad high court gave its final decision on most controversial land dispute in India, Ayodhay Land dispute. This 60 year old land dispute had created many tensions in India in past; therefore, it provides a great relief to see some solution in this case. Though, this is not final decision and few parties in this case may knock door of Supreme Court of India.

Most of leaders of all political parties and religious organisations welcomed this decision and asked people to not treat this decision as win or loss for any religion. So far, there is no news of any untoward incident from any part of India and we can hope that situation will remain same in coming days. In Supreme Court, it may further take many years to see final result of this case but we can hope that a decision will be definitely delivered on this matter.

It is very important for governments and judiciary to solve all burning and sensitive issues; otherwise, they can go on creating problems for common people. Today’s common man of India is more advance and informed as compared to people twenty years back; therefore, we can expect positive response from them on all matters. It is very important for any person of any religion to accept Courts verdict as it is duty of every citizen of India. At the end, I can only saw that it is good to see some solution on this matter; though, it is not win or loss for any party or religion.
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