Our Memories

When I look back at my past life then I see a bunch of memories associated with past. I can put these memories under the category of good memories, bad memories and ordinary memories. Generally, we forget ordinary things with time; however, good and bad memories always remain with us. We feel happy by remembering our good memories and become sad by remembering our bad memories. These memories remain with us till we live in this world or our mind works well.

To some extent, these memories give existence to us because we are nothing if we do not have memories. For example, if I forget everything associated with my past life then there will be nothing left in my life. Therefore, our memories are very important part of our life and we cannot imagine a life without them. In general, we all want that good things should happen with us and we should have only happy memories; however, many times bad things do happen with us and thus we have bad memories too.

Overall, everything is part of life and we cannot choose memories. Moreover, it is also important for us to not get affected by bad memories because it can ruin our life. Many people find it hard to come out of their bad memories and live a natural and good life. They always live life under the influence of these bad memories and do not see other good possibilities present in life. Memories are important part of our life; however, it is also important not wrongly get affected by them and spoil our life.
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