An evening with Parrots (Pictures)

Yesterday, I got chance to spend some time with wild parrots. These parrots come to our home daily in evening and eat food grains provided by us. They are coming to our home from last ten years and I even recognise some of these parrots. It is always a great experience to watch these parrots eating food grains in front of you. Sometimes, their numbers go up to 30-35 and they make lot of noise. We feed them with Bajra Seeds and occasionally with rice; they just enjoy eating these seeds. During Mango season, they do eat Mangos from our Mango tree. Overall, I love to spend time with them and they have become a part of my life. I love to see these birds in open sky and not in cages; therefore, I want to make appeal to people that they should not put birds in cages because their actual place in sky and a cage.

Pictures Taken by Arvind Katoch
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