True Love versus Sexual Attractions

Many times, we people miss understand sexual attractions as true love and starts believing that we are in love. Love is generally not affected with sexual attractions and it exists in its purest form. Whereas lots of people get attracted towards each other because of strong sexual attractions and generally, people start believing these strong attractions as love. We all can easily differentiate between true love and strong sexual attraction. Strong Sexual attractions are very strong initially and they depends on the beauty and sexual appeal of other person whereas, true love does not depend on anything and it never varies under any condition.

Sexual attractions generally start decreasing with time when we satisfy our needs whereas true love is not dependent on any kind of needs and it just goes on increasing with time. However, in the present world we people are more affected with sexual attractions and misunderstand these feelings as love. Due to this reason, we see many love relationships and marriages falling in this world because these people wrongly take sexual attractions as love. It is very hard to selflessly love someone; therefore, very-2 small numbers of people truly love their partners in this world.

It is important for these people to not defame love by terming their sexual attractions as love. Sexual attractions are likely to decrease with time and die soon because this world is full of many sexual temptations and when we get sexually attracted to one person then there are good chances that soon we will feel same attractions for others. Therefore, people under the influence of sexual attractions change their partners often where as people who finds true love in each other never leaves each other.
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