Some Unanswered questions of Life

There always remain many unanswered questions in our life and we never find answers to these questions throughout our life. Sometimes, it is better that we should not find answers to these questions because we do not know that what will be stored in these answers for us. Life also helps us by not showing these answers to us because it knows that it is for our betterment that we should not get answers of these questions.

These kinds of questions arise at many situations in life and we struggle hard to get answers for these questions. Every person has his own set of circumstances and we all also see life differently, thus it is very hard for anyone to provide these answers to us. Therefore, we are required to search these answers ourselves with our efforts and wisdom only. Sometimes, years pass away in getting answers for these questions and when we get answers then we realise that it would have been better if we never got these answers.

For whole life, human beings struggle with these unanswered questions which life through on them. We make many hard efforts to solve these questions and get answers; however, we hardly succeed in this struggle. If any how we solve few questions then we get new questions waiting to be answered soon.
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