Women Reservation in Parliament- A right Step

Yesterday, Rajya Sabha passed women reservation bill which will open way for 33% reservation for women in Parliament. This is revolutionary step by Indian upper house has given new hopes to millions of women across India and this step will help in women upleftment in India. Condition of women in many parts of India has still not improved and we need many such measures for increasing role of women in administration.

Indian history is full of many women who have given great sacrifices for India and provided great help in its development. Today by increasing participation of women in law making mechanism, we can easily provide due rights to half pollution of India. Today’s India is mostly a man dominated society where man take all major decisions; however, today’s men are also realising this fact that women participation is important for growth of India and world.

At present it is difficult to say that how much this law will help Indian women however, one thing is clear that more women leadership will emerge in near future. Today’s women are new power of world, it is very hard to ignore this power and by passing this bill unanimously Rajya Sabha has done same thing. Now we can hope that this bill will be soon passed by Loksabha and all concerned authorities to become a law.
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