Exploitation in Rituals after death

Last week, my grandmother died due to a massive stroke and due to her death, I got chance to perform numbers of rituals which are performed after the death of a person as per Hindu religion. All these rituals were focused on giving good place to a soul in heaven. I went to Hardwar with last remains of my grandmother and submerged them in Ganga water. It is believed as per Hindu religion that if last remains of a person are submerged in Ganga then he gets good place in Heaven.

After reaching Haridwar, I found a wide spread network of greedy priests who only wants to get more and more money from you. These priests were only trying to exploit human emotions for getting more money. These priests were charging Rs 500 to Rs 5000 per person for doing a small ritual. Mostly, people give demanded money to these priests because they believe that these priests are asking right amount of money and this money will be used for the welfare of poor people.

It is important for government to provide ID cards to such priests and fix their rates so that they cannot exploit ordinary people. It is common to find such practices in Hindu religion and it is important for the caretakers of Hindu religion to solve such issue so that Hindu religion does not get bad name. 

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