Where is real happiness?

From many years, I have seen many people making numbers of claims about real happiness. Some people tell us to find it in happy married life, some tell to find it in career achievements or some tell to find it in social work or religion. However, nobody is able to tell exactly that where we can definitely find real happiness because real happiness is not dependent on all these factors.

Real happiness is something which has routes inside all of us; and, a real happiness can widely vary for person to person. Therefore, it becomes very important to search for our own version of real happiness. We may wonder from one place to other or from one relation to other; however, this real happiness starts and ends from inside us only. There is no real happiness available for us in outside world. We seek for real happiness from other people who are also seeking for real happiness from us.

Therefore, we all are only seeking real happiness, now people who are also seeking real happiness can’t give it to others. When we learn to chat with our inner self then we slowly start discovering real happiness of our life. People who discover real happiness of their life actually discover great happiness in this world only and these people do not need anything external from world to feel happy.
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