When BSNL will improve its services

There are few questions in this world which have no answer like when BSNL will improve its services because some adamant people in BSNL do not want to see BSNL growing. BSNL offers numbers of services in India including mobile, landline, broadband, 3G etc; however, quality standards of numbers of these services are much poorer as compared to other private players. Problems like Call failing, call drops are commonly faced by millions of BSNL mobile users. Same situation we can find with BSNL broadband and 3G services.

The main problem with BSNL is lack of good service to customers. People become mad after visiting BSNL offices again to solve their trivial problems. We use BSNL broadband service in Hoshiarpur Punjab because in Hoshiarpur, there is no good alternate available for broadband connection; therefore, here large numbers of people depend on BSNL for broadband connection. In last two years, we faced numbers of problems associated with BSNL broadband connection and visited BSNL main office numbers of times; however, every time we only get some false assurance from BSNL concerned employees.

Similar kinds of problems with BSNL broadband connection are also present in other cities of India. Situation is also bad for BSNL mobile Punjab users as it become almost impossible to make calls or to receive calls between 7 PM and 9 PM every day. Network failure problem is very common with BSNL mobile at several places. The main problem with BSNL is that nobody is ready to take responsibility and most of employees lack will to work competitively. People prefer BSNL in India because of its cheap rates and past trust; however, if BSNL failed in improving its services then in future nobody will go for BSNL services.
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