Saving Indian Tigers

Today, there are only 1411 tigers left in India and if nothing is done by us then no tiger will be present in Indian forests soon. Government of India has taken numbers of steps to ensure safety of Indian tigers; however, these efforts are not enough for conserving these animals. Tigers look very dangerous to us due to their killing nature but they are as innocent as other animals in forest.

Tigers do not want to harm human beings; however, human greed is shrinking their natural homes. Number 1411 is very alarming and any further decrease in this number will cause great harm for Indian tigers. Indian people may have numbers of other problems back home; however, this matter need immediate attention of all of us. If any how we failed in saving our tigers then it will be a big shame for all of us.

Hopefully, more and more numbers of people will come forward to support this cause and in creating awareness about this matter. Tiger is our national animal and if he is not safe in India then how we will save our other animals those are in endangered animals list too. Indian culture has always supported its wildlife; therefore, time has again come to wake up for saving our beloved animals like tigers which are our pride.
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