Safety of good through courier service in India

Recently, I sent a pen drive to my friend in Varanasi through DTDC courier and hoped that it will be delivered to him safely; however, today I learned that it was stolen by DTDC courier employees during journey. Now, it is hard to exactly pin point that where pen drive has got stolen during its journey; however, it has become clear to me that how unsafe it is to send any valuable item through courier services like DTDC in India.

Tomorrow, I will complain about this matter to higher DTDC authorities and ask for some action against these people. If a just Rs 300 item is not safe through courier than what we can expect for higher value items. People who stole pen drive were so professional that they repacked packet in similar way so that nobody should detect this wrong work. It is very important for courier services like DTDC to add some mechanism is their system so that no other person in future should face similar problems.
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