Please do not change me

We find many people in this world who are only interested in changing us. Many of these people remain present in our close relationships like husband-wife relationship, brother-sister relationship etc. In general no person wants to change and generally we do not like those people who want to change us. Due to this reason, many times our relations with these people start becoming spoiled. We can easily live happily with any person if he never tries to change us; however, it is near to impossible to live with a person who always finds faults with us and tries to change us.

No person is perfect in this world and we all hate to listen about our shortcoming repeatedly; therefore, when someone who is not perfect himself tries to teach us then we feel very humiliated and become agitated. Many people fail in making good relations because they only irritate people with their talks. No one likes such people around him; therefore, such problematic relationships die very fast.

Sometimes, people ask this question that someone left them when they were only making good changes in him then they need to understand that nobody love changes and if you want to change a person then you are required to make strong understanding with him and then tell him benefits of this change. In most of cases, person will himself change such habits; however, it is impossible to change a person with nagging and force. 

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