End of Life

Two days back, my grandmother died because of a massive stroke, it was a very painful moment for whole family and it is impossible for us to come out of this grief ever. I will always pray to god that her soul should get good place in heaven. Life of every person comes to an end and with this end this person becomes a part of many memories. It is very important for every person to understand this fact that we all have to die. Any person who remembers this fact will never do any harm to any person.

Good people are always remembered by many people after their death because of their good works. Second important learning from life is that life is very small and it passes away very fast; therefore, it is important to do or say early what we want to say or do. Sometimes, we take lot of time in doing numbers of things or in saying good words to others. Time once lost never comes back; therefore, it is important to live our life to fullest potential so that we should not regret anything when time of our death comes.

Life is a beautiful journey and many people help us in seeing this beauty of life. Time spent with good and lovable people is life time spent in heaven; people who get this chance never regret their life and enjoy their death.  

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