Online shopping and problem of late delivery

Today, online shopping is slowly becoming a big reality in present world and large numbers of people are now opting for online shopping because it save lot of time plus people also get discounts for buying products online. However, there are numbers of problems too attached with online shopping like late delivery of products. Many times, people fail in receiving delivery of product which they bought online.

Recently, I bought an electronic product from an leading online store in India; however, even after 30 days of placing ordere for my product I failed in receiving it. Every time, some executive of came with new explanations and tells me that within two three days my order will be delivered to me. The main problem with most of these online web stores is that they do not directly sell products but they forward orders to secondary merchants who then ship orders to us.

These websites earn commissions on each order generated through their websites. Therefore, many times these websites like do not have any control over delivery system and people suffer in the form of late delivery of a product. It is important to understand this fact while ordering any product from online shopping web stores. With some search in local electronic market, people can easily find similar attractive deals on various products like they find in online web stores. In my advice, it is better to buy products from regular nearby market then buying these products from online web stores. 

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