In the support of Ruchika Girhotra

Presently, whole of country has come forward in the support of Ruchika Girhotra so that guilty formal DGP of Haryana police SPS Rathore can be prosecuted for all crimes done by him to this mirror girl 18 years back. This case clearly highlights misuse of power by top police officers and how justice is denied to a mirror girl and her family for so many years. Mr Rathore may not have thought that after 18 years this case will again become so alive.

It was very hard to believe for ordinary people that 50 plus year old top police officer can molest an innocent 14 year old girl who is otherwise supposed to protect her. Ruchika was molested by Rathor in 1990 and she committed suicide 3 years after this incidence because Rathore made her life very difficult by using his pressure. Ruchika was one brave girl who chooses to fight this matter rather than ignoring it. A FIR in this case was registered by police after 9 years of this incidence when Supreme Court ordered Haryana police to do so.

Rathore and his junior officers did everything to pressurize Ruchika’s family to take all cases back like they registered false cases against Ruchika’s brother. It was Ruchika’s friend and her family which stood firm and continued their fight against Rathore despite many threats. It is very important to punish culprits in such cases so that a strong message can be given to such corrupt and immoral police officers. It is duty of every Indian to support this fight and come forward against all police atrocities so that we can make a good society where police is for protection and not for molesting teenage girls.

This case has opened many hopes in front of us like central government has issued notification to all states that all complaints coming to a police station must be registered as FIR by police. Hopefully, this fight will bring many positive changes in this society.

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