Why to avoid Criticism?

If any person looks back in bad memories of his life then he will definitely remember some sharp criticisms among his other bad memories. This fact is true for every person in this world because nobody like sharp criticisms and often we remember these criticisms for long time even up to our death beds. These criticisms hurt people so much that they never forget people who criticized them. Recently, I became witness to a real act where a woman took revenge of thirty year old criticism by finding an opportunity to criticize the same person who criticized her thirty years back.

Why to go any far away even some times, I also plan or wish to give strong reply to people who criticized me. This story is true for every person because nobody likes sharp and unwanted criticisms from few self obsessed people who think that they are most intelligent people on this world. It is important to remember that nobody wants to commit mistakes but mostly we commit them because we learn in this way. Second, every person is different and he may have slow or fast learning skills; therefore, it is big foolishness to expect from others to behave like us.

Small criticism or guidance is fine for every person; however, strong criticism can produce opposite results. With strong criticisms, we can lose forever our friends and family members because nobody wants to live near a person who is constantly criticizing. Now, it only depends on us that how we want others to remember us like a friend or an enemy who criticized them.
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