Violence and Democracy

Generally, democracy and violence do not support each other but often few antisocial people try to use violence for justifying their wrong acts. This fact is also true for India where we commonly see use of violence by such people to express their power. India is a democracy; therefore here, there is no place for violence but from last many years our successive governments have failed to stop such acts because they have also remained indulged in such acts e.g. anti Sikh riots under the leadership of Congress party which have governed India for most of times after independence.

We can find such examples in every political party of India which has used violence for securing its hidden agendas. In such cases, our police also work in biased way by helping parties in power. It is shame for democratic country like India that violence is still present in our society even after so many years of independence. Divide among people also contribute to such problems because some people only think about their small interests as compared to big interests of nation; though, it is not right to blame people because major problem exist in our ruling parties and regional leaders who misguide people.

Failure of these parties to give good governance to people leads to large numbers of problems in society and give birth to violent protests like Naxalism. It is important to learn that without putting control on violence we can not imagine a perfect democracy in India. Hopefully, political parties of India will learn this listen and free people of India from threat of violence.
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