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Haryana/Maharashtra/Arunachal assembly election 2009

Assembly elections for three states of India Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh and Maharashtra will take place on 13 Oct, 2009. Outcome of these election results will decide future direction of Indian politics. Situation is very critical for Congress because Congress has present governments in all these states (in Maharashtra with NCP alliance). In recently held Loksabha election 2009, Congress has shown good performance in all these states thus Congress must be hoping for winning assembly elections of these states once again.

In Haryana, Congress won 9 Loksabha seats out of total 10 Loksabha seats which indicate towards strong support of Congress in Haryana. Most of opposition parties in Haryana are fighting with each other thus providing more help to Congress; therefore, Congress can easily expect win in Haryana assembly election. In Maharashtra, Congress and NCP alliance wants to repeat history third time by winning Maharastra assembly elections in row; however, this time situation will be slightly difficult for Congress; though Congress and NCP alliance do have some edge over BJP and ShivSena alliance.

However, fight is very tough and results can easily surprise us all. In Arunachal Pradesh also Congress won 2 Loksabha seats out of total 2 Loksabha seats and there are good chances that Congress will again come to power in Arunachal Pradesh. Only Congress is likely to face some opposition in Maharashtra where results can be surprising. There does not look much good news for regional parties and main opposition party of India BJP; though BJP-ShivSena alliance can hope for some miracle in Mahrashtra.

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