Difference between Laptop and Notebook

vToday, it is very hard to find any difference between a Laptop and Notebook because with time difference between them has stopped to exist. Laptop name came forward because of option of putting a small sized computer on our laps: though, we can also put a Notebook on our laps. These two names came because different manufacturer launched their products with two different names of Notebook and Laptop. Initially, Laptops are used to have more features and performance levels as compared to Notebook like lack of CD drive in initial Notebooks. Notebooks were made with concept in mind to provide general electronic notebook experience to people where people can store, write and manage their electronic data. On the other hand, Laptop was designed to give full computing experience in small size. We can consider a laptop as a small computing machine which we can put on our laps and it has same power of big desktop computer. Generally, a laptop is bigger in size as compared to a Notebook. Today, most of these differences are not present and fast changing technology has reduced differences between laptops and notebooks.

General difference between Laptop and Notebook (May not be applicable today)

A Laptop A Notebook

Usually bigger in size Usually small in size
Have more features Have less features
Have a CD drive Have no CD drive
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