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Giving almost exact Predictions for Loksabha Election 2009

On March 18, 2009 I posted my video predictions on and according to which I predicted that UPA (without SP) will get 220-235 seats and NDA will get 155-17o seats. At the end of Loksabha Election 2009, it becomes clear that I can give almost right predictions for Loksabha Election 2009. Though, I faced lot of resistance against these predictions because online lots of people were not ready to accept these predictions and they constantly put pressure on me to change my predictions in favour of NDA or third front. However, my calculations were clearly hinting that it is very difficult for NDA to show any good performance and same was also true for third front. For predicting right predictions before election it is very important to give importance all factors like pulse of all voters from different communities, castes and social backgrounds. Though, my predictions slightly went wrong in some states because Congress showed exceptionally well performance. In recent past also I h

Time Table/ Schedule Twenty20 world cup 2009 (Surper Eight)

For latest visit- Watch Live Score India Vs Pakistan (ind vs pak) second Semi final match CWC 2011 Below, people can get complete time table and schedule of second twenty2o world cup which is starting in England from 5th June. Last and first twenty20 world cup was won by Indian team; therefore, there will be lot of pressure on Indian team to defend their title. There are total 9 teams which are taking part in this world cup and final match of world cup will be played on 21st June. This twenty20 world cup will include league matches between all nine team followed by super 8 knockout matches between top 8 teams after the end of league matches. For Live score visit- Live score Twenty20 World cup 2009 England (All Matches) For points Table visit- T20 world cup 2009 (England) points Table Groups of Twenty20 world cup 2009 (England) Group A Indian, Bangladesh, Ireland Group B Pakistan, England, Netherland Group C Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies Group D New Zealand, South Africa

Attacks on Indian Student in Australia

In last few months, suddenly numbers of news of racist attacks on Indian students in Australia have increased at alarming rate. Last week, these attacks become life threatening as one of Indian student Shravan Kumar, who suffered one such attack, is fighting for his life and is in coma. In last few months, there are reports of more than 60 such racist attacks on Indian students, though; Australian police is terming numbers of these attacks as attacks for looting money and not as racist attacks. Also visit- Why racial attacks on Indian students in Australia? However, large numbers of such attacks only targeted on Indian students are raising numbers of questions. Australian government has assured Indian students and Indian government that they are making strong efforts to stop such attacks in future. However, this situation has increased apprehensions among millions of Indian students studying in Australia about their safety. Presently, Australia offers a very attractive destination to m

Analysis Loksabha Election result 2009

After the completion of Loksabha Election 2009, we can easily analysis Loksabha Election results 2009. This time Loksabha Election results surprised lots of people across India and world because nobody thought that Congress will perform so well by winning more than 200 seats because most of people thought that small parties will play decisive role this time. However, it looks that people of India did not showed any trust on small political parties of India. Large number of small political parties in India are major sufferer in these Loksabha Election like RJD, SP, TDP, Left parties etc. It looks that people of India voted for strong and stable government at centre which can speed up growth of India. It took almost 18 years for Congress to win more than 200 seats. With the completion of Loksabha Election 2009, a phase of small parties has also ended. In recent years, people of India realised this fact that it is important to support a National party or parties over small regional partie

Looking for perfect people in unperfected world

We can easily find many strange customs and demands in our world where people are asking for those things from others which they even themselves do not have. How these people can ask for things which even do not exist? We all k now this fact that we all human come to this world as non perfect beings and we only gain more and more knowledge to reach near perfect position. However, it is very difficult to define clearly that which position actually represents a perfect position because we live in a comparative world where particular thing is thought to be perfect if it is more superior to other things. Therefore, there does not exist anything as perfect in world and we only level certain things as perfect things. However, still we can easily find majority of people asking for perfect things from people at initial stages when these people have even not learned basic lessons. Why our world does not want to support non perfect people even having knowledge to this fact that every person ente

Exploring the world through vacations

Vacations provide a great opportunity in front of us to explore world. We can easily find large numbers of attractive tourist destinations across the world. In present world, thousands of such attractive vacation locations are waiting us so that we can explore them. With the help of these vacations, we can easily learn more about rest of world and how beautiful our world is actually. Every country of world has something to offer to travellers like Machu Picchu travel of Peru. Machu Picchu is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Peru and situated in Urubamba Valley. By visiting this city, people can easily learn about Inca Empire because Machu Picchu is also known as “The Lost City of the Incas". By visiting this city, people not only learn about one great civilisation but they also get chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. Therefore, we can easily explore the beauty and uniqueness of world by going the choosing a perfect vacation.

Final Various Parties position Loksabha Election 2009

Below, people can get the final position of various political parties in India. Election commission of India has already declared all results of Loksabha Election 2009, therefore, final results for Loksabha Election 2009 partywise are available in front of us. Party Name Numbers of Seats won Congress 206 (+55) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 116 (-15) Samajwadi party (SP) 23 (-16) Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) 21 (+3) Janata Dal United (JD(U)) 20 (+12) All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) 19 (+17) Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam *DMK) 18 (0) COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MARXIST) (CPM) 16 (-27) Biju Janata Dal (BJD) 14 (+3) Shiv Sena 11 (0) Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) 9 (-1) All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) 9 (+9) Telugu Desam Party (TDP)

Final Loksabha Election 2009 India results (Declared)

Below, people can get all declared and final Loksabha Election results for Loksabha Election 2009. In these elections UPA emerged as Single largest alliance and it is just 10 seats short of making a government at centre. Already, numbers of small parties like SP, JD(S), RJD and independent candidates have expressed their support to UPA. Therefore, now it is sure that UPA lead government will once again come back to power. Congress party has emerged as single largest party in this election by winning 206 seats. It took Congress 18 years to repeat this kind of performance. BJP has emerged as second largest party by winning 116 seats. Total number of seats – 543 Results Declared – 543 Trends Available – 543 Party Name Ahead Won Total Congress +(UPA) 0 262 262 (+80) ( Congress 206 (+55) TC 19 (+17) NCP 9 (-1) DMK 18 (+2)) BJP+ (NDA) 0 155 157 (-14) (BJP

Looking for Healthy World

Recently, I got a chance to read an interesting study on obesity and how obesity is becoming big problem worldwide. The main point which was coming out of study was that not only big developed nations are affected with this problem but obesity is now becoming a common problem in developing nations. For example, India is one of developing countries where obesity is becoming a big problem. Already large numbers of researchers on this issue have raised warning that this problem can take a serious look if something is not done fast to control this problem. In the present world, it is possible to control this problem with help of number of solutions like natural appetite suppressants . Overall, there is an immediate need to solve this problem so that we can look for a healthy world in future; however, problem is that most of solutions have failed so far.

Loksabha Election 2009 winning candidate list Bangalore

Below, people can list of winning candidates from Bangalore plus margin of their win and candidate they defeated in this election. 1) Bangalore Rural H.D.Kumaraswamy (JD(S)) defeated C. P. Yogeeshwara (BJP) by 130275 votes 2) Bangalore North D. B. Chandre Gowda (BJP) defeated C. K. Jaffer Sharief (Congress) by 59665 votes 3) Bangalore Central P. C. Mohan (BJP) defeated H.T.Sangliana (Congress) by 35218 votes 4) Bangalore South Ananth Kumar (BJP) defeated Krishna Byre Gowda (Congress) by 37612 votes

Loksabha Election 2009 winning candidate list Mumbai

Below, people can list of winning candidates from Mumbai plus margin of their win and candidate they defeated in this election. 1) Mumbai North Sanjay Brijkishorlal Nirupam (Cong) defeated Ram Naik (BJP) by 5779 votes 2) Mumbai North West Ad.Kamat Gurudas Vasant (Cong) defeated Gajanan Kirtikar (SS) by 38415 votes 3) Mumbai North East Sanjay Dina Patil (Cong) defeated Kirit Somaiya (BJP) by 2933 votes 4) Mumbai North Central Dutt Priya Suni (Cong) defeated Mahesh Ram Jethmalan (BJP) by 174555 votes 5) Mumbai South Central Eknath M. Gaikwad (Cong) defeated Suresh Anant Gambhir (SS) by 75706 votes 6) Mumbai South Deora Milind Murli (Cong) defeated Bala Nandgaonkar (MNS) by 112682 votes 7) Thane Dr.Sanjeev Ganesh Naik (Cong) defeated Chaugule Vijay Laxman (SS) by 49020 votes 8) Kalyan Anand Prakash Paranjape (SS) defeated Davkhare Vasant Shankarrao (NCP) by 24202 votes

Loksabha Election 2009 winning candidate list Delhi

Below, people can list of winning candidates from Delhi plus margin of their win and candidate they defeated in this election. 1) Chandni Chowk Kapil Sibal (Cong) defeated Vijender Gupta (BJP) by 200710 votes 2) North East Delhi Jai Prakash Agarwal (Cong) defeated B.L.Sharma Prem (BJP) by 222243 votes 3) East Delhi Sandeep Dikshit (Cong) defeated Chetan Chauhan (BJP) by 241053 votes 4) New Delhi Ajay Makan (Cong) defeated Vijay Goel (BJP) by 187809 votes 5) North West Delhi Krishna Tirath (Cong) defeated Meera Kanwaria (BJP) by 184433 votes 6) West Delhi Mahabal Mishra (Cong) defeated Prof. Jagdish Mukhi (BJP) by 129010 votes 7) South Delhi Ramesh Kumar (Cong) defeated Ramesh Bidhur (BJP) by 93219 votes Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

All Loksabha Election 2009 winning candidate list satewise

Below, people can get the list of all Loksabha Election 2009 winning candidate list satewise. By visiting this page, people can learn about winning candidates for all constituencies of India statewise. People will learn about various winning candidates, their political parties, losing candidates, their parties and vote difference. This is most complete updated list of all winning Loksabha Candidates and it is provided by Election Commission of India. List of all winning candidates Loksabha Election 2009 India

Loksabha Election 2009 winning candidate list Punjab

Below, people can list of winning candidates from Punjab plus margin of their win and candidate they defeated in this election. 1) Gurdaspur Partap Singh Bajwa (Cong) defeated Vinod Khanna (BJP) by 8271 votes 2) Amritsar Navjot Singh Sidhu (BJP) defeated Om Prakash Soni (Cong) by 7329 votes 3) Khadoor Shahib Dr Rattan Singh Ajnala (SAD) defeated Rana Gurjeet Singh (Cong) by 32260 votes 4) Jalandhar Mohinder Singh Kaypee (Cong) defeated Hans Raj Hans (SAD) by 36445 votes 5) Hoshiarpur Santosh Chowdhary (Cong) defeated Som Prakash (BJP) by 289 votes 6) Anandpur Shahib Ravneet Singh (Cong) defeated Daljit Singh Cheema (SAD) by 58831 votes 7) Ludhiana Manish Tewari (Cong) defeated Gurcharan Singh Galib (SAD) by 105142 votes 8) Fatehgarh Sahi b Sukhdev Singh (Cong) defeated Charanjit Singh Atwal (SAD) by 34299 votes 9) Faridkot Paramjit Kaur Gulshan (SAD) defeated Sukhwinder Singh Danny (Cong) by 62042 votes 10) Ferozpu r Sher Singh Ghubaya (SAD) defeated Jagmeet Singh Br

Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results

Below, people can get the minute by minute live update of assembly election 2009 results of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh assemblies. These assembly election results will also declared with Loksabha Election 2009. Live update of Assembly Election results will start from 8 AM onwards tomorrow. Live results of both assemblies will be updated below as soon as they will become available. In Orissa, we can see straight fight between BJD, Congress and BJP, while in Andhra Pradesh straight fight is between Congress, TDP, TRS, PRP and BJP. Live Update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election results 2009 (refresh this page every 5 minutes to get latest results) Option 1- Orissa Total number of seats – 147 Results Declared – 56 Trends Available – 142 Party Name Ahead Won Total Congress 26 10 26 (-18) BJP 14 5 12 (-20) BJD + 100 40 100 (+38) Oth 9 1 9 (-2) Andhra Pradesh Total number of seats – 294 Results Declare

Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update)

On this page, people can get the minute by minute live update of Loksabha Election 2009. As we all know that Loksabha Election results 2009 will be declared tomorrow. These results will be available here live as they will become available. All big political parties, alliances and people across the world are waiting for these results. There are total of 543 Loksabha Seats in India and any party or alliance requires to win 272 seats to form next government at centre. At present all political parties and alliances are busy in looking for new alliances so that they can get desired numbers tomorrow. Live Update Loksabha Election 2009 results (refresh this page every 5 minutes to get latest results) Option 1- Total number of seats – 543 Results Declared – 468 Trends Available – 543 Party Name Ahead Won Total Congress +(UPA) 261 245 261 (+79) ( Congress 204 (+53) TC 19 (+17) NCP 9 (-1) DMK

Get live charts and trends of Loksabha Election 2009 results

People who want to get live charts and trends of Loksabha Election 2009 then they can get the help of three links available below. First option will provide live charts of partywise winning leading seats of Loksabha Election 2009 results. These winning leading partywise charts will be made available on this page 8 AM onwards tomorrow. People will be first required to select particular state to get latest partywise winning leading chart of Loksabha Election 2009 results. With second options, people can get live trends partywise and statewise. However, people will be first required to select particular state for which they want to see trends. Update of Live trends will starts from 8:00 AM onward tomorrow. Get Live Chart Loksabha Election result Live Trends Loksabha Election 2009 (partywise) Live Trends Loksabha Election 2009 (statewise) For more visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Read all posts related to L

Loksabha Election 2009 Results constituencywise

Tomorrow, Loksabha Election results will be declared and by visiting the link available below, people can easily get constituency wise Loksabha Election 2009 results. These live results are made available by Election commission of India. Constituency wise results will be available on this site as soon as they are declared. People will be first required to select particular state and then respective constituency to get result of that constituency. Complete details of winning and losing candidates will be available on this page tomorrow. Loksabha Election 2009 results constituencywise For more visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

Summary of Exit polls Loksabha Election 2009

Below, people can get summary of all available exit polls related to Loksabha Election 2009. Different print and media channels have given their exit polls to predict next outcome of Loksabha Election. Results of Loksabha Election 2009 will be declared on 16th May, however, we can get some idea of outcome on 16 May by going through these exit polls. 1) Exit Poll Results CNN IBN- UPA- 185 to 205 seats NDA- 165 to 185 seats Third Front- 110 to 130 seats Fourth Front- 25 to 35 seats Others- 20 to 30 seats 2) Exit Polls UTI TV- UPA- 195 seats NDA- 189 Third Front- 110 Fourth Front0- 32 Other-18 3) Exit Poll Times Now- UPA- 198 seats (154 Congress) NDA- 183 seats (142 BJP) Third Front- 112 Fourth Front- 38 Other- 50 4) Exit Poll Congress- UPA- 205 seats NDA- 168 seats Third Front- 164 seats Others- 20 5) Exit Poll BJP- UPA- 170 seats NDA- 220 seats Third Front- 153 seats 6) Exit Poll Star News- UPA- 199 seats NDA- 196 seats Third Front- 100 seats Others- 36 7) Exit Poll India TV- UPA- 195 s

Final Projections Loksabha Election 2009 (Exit Poll)

For live results updates visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog Finally, Loksabha Election 2009 (India) ended today with the end of final phase of Loksabha Election. Results of all these phases will be available in front of us on 16 May after 8 AM onwards. With the end of Loksabha Election, ban on exit polls have also lifted. Therefore, below people can find final projections based on just concluded Loksabha Elections. These projections are based on the final expected results of all five phases. The main point which is again emerging out of these projections is that neither UPA nor NDA has clear edge over other front to make a government at centre. Third front is emerging as a big winner because it can get 90-120 seats, therefore, we can even see government from third front with the outside support of NDA or UPA. UPA is likely to loss good numbers of seats in t

Art of looking attractive

Every person on earth will definitely like to learn this art which can make them look attractive. However, strangely this is not a big secret and to some extent we all know about this art. Many scriptures and big thinkers have already advocated the importance of this art because we can achieve lot health wise by following this art. By looking attractive, we not only get the attention of others but we also live a healthy life. In the present world, we all know this fact that health problems are becoming very common because most of people do not give proper attention to their health. For example, obesity has become a major problem in our world and it is causes number of other health related problems in people. It possible to decrease obesity related problems with the help of proper diet, exercise and diet pills . People can easily select a right solution for themselves by consulting their doctor. Obesity is one major problem which stops a person from looking attractive; therefore, it be

End of Loksabha Election 2009

Finally, we have entered last phase of Loksabha Election 2009 and tomorrow voting for Loksabha Election 2009 will end. On 16 May, we will even get the answer of this question that which party or alliance will form next government at centre. In last month, we have seen numbers of predictions and surveys about the results of forthcoming Loksabha Elections. Different small and big political parties have good hopes from these elections because these elections will make the hopes of some while they will break the hopes of large numbers of parties. Present Indian politics have become divided on large numbers of small politics issues. 2009 Loksabha Elections will be known for increased significance of small statewise issues in national politics. In these Loksabha Elections, there was hardly any strong national issue which attracted the attention of people, whereas there were many strong state level issues present in every state which will definitely affect results of Loksabha Elections on 16

Does congress has accepted defeat in Loksabha Election 2009?

Numbers of big Congress leaders included Rahul Ghandi has accepted this fact in front of media that they may need support of new regional parties and old allies like left to form next government at centre. From these statements we can infer that Congress has accepted defeat in Loksabha election 2009 or Congress is now sure that UPA will not succeed in getting enough seats to form government at centre. Number of post election surveys are also pointing out that UPA is now likely to get near about 200 seats and there are good chances that UPA’s numbers can go less than 200. In this kind of situation, Congress will have only option left in their hand is to look for new allies like JD (U), TDP, AIADMK, BJD etc which are supposed to perform better in these elections. Moreover, there are also good chances that BJP can overtake Congress to become single largest political party in next Loksabha. Different statements from top Congress leaders also suggest that Congress is familiar with present g

Burning fat to fight obesity

It is very important for all of us to constantly burn extra fats from body so that we should always live obesity free life. We all know this fact that obesity has become a big problem across the world and billions of people are suffering from numbers of obesity related disorders. Obesity not only makes us look ugly but it also increases chances of numbers of diseases like diabetic and cardiac problems. Therefore, it becomes very important to timely control this problem so that it should not create any problem for us. People can easily get the help of diet pills like Fenphedra for burning fat and fighting obesity. However, it is very important to take these drugs only after taking proper consultation from doctor. Today, there are large numbers of therapies and surgical procedures available for in market for fighting obesity problem. People can get the help of concerned physician for learning more about various available solutions.

Importance of perfection in Life

Perfection is one thing which can easily make us very skilful person, therefore, it is important for all of us to look for options to get perfection in work in which we are involved. A person may be doing anything in this world, however, when he adds perfection to his work then his work starts shining out of rest of works done in same category. It is very easy for skilful people to get attention of world. World also encourage these people to produce more quality and perfect work. Generally, we get very less chance in our world to see perfect work because majority of people do not understand the importance of perfection of work and they only produce cheap quality work. These kinds of works are mostly not appreciated by world and these people do not get any reorganisation, whereas few skilful people who know the importance of perfection and add perfection to their work and mostly succeed in getting reorganisation of world and world do everything to make their work a success. Now, it only

Ever increasing acceptance of

Last year, when I first got a chance to use, a micro social blogging website, then I was not sure that this website will make any big impact on internet. However, in just one year, this website has become a big success and every person wants to get maximum benefit of this micro blogging platform. On twitter, people can post 140 word small posts or links on their twitter blogs. These micro twitter blogs are then followed by large numbers of people who find these stuffs interesting. The main advantage of is that we can easily share large amount of useful information with our family, friends or follower by posting 140 word small posts. It is very easy to use twitter and there are many desktop applications like twhirl which makes it possible to submit posts from desktop to twitter account. The main advantage with twitter is that it is very easy to run and maintain this small micro blog; moreover, it is further easy for other people to follow certain blogs on twitter

Finding good deals on testbooks

We all know this fact that testbooks play a very important role in our life as we all have studied numbers of subject with their help. We can easily find textbooks related to any subject in market. Testbooks are helping billions of students across the world to complete their studies and get good marks. However, some of these textbooks do cost lot of money, therefore, it becomes very difficult for large numbers of students to afford these textbooks . Today, we can easily find some good solutions available online. There are large numbers of websites which are offering numbers of these test books at very economical rates. Students can even buy old testbooks for saving good amount of money because old or used testbooks cost much less as compared to new testbooks. Therefore, it is important for all of us to search on internet for good deals before buying testbooks.

Watch Cartoon on US Freedom and capitalism

We can easily find large numbers of voices criticising freedom and capitalism of US. However, with the help of this cartoon people can understand that how right mix of freedom and capitalism has helped in formation present America which is one of the strongest nations of world. This cartoon was made 50 years back, however, still it provide a very clear idea. All people who oppose capitalism and freedom are required to watch this carton.

2009 Loksabha Election and Post poll alliances

2009 Loksabha Elections are still in mid way of voting, however, numbers of leading political parties in India have started their search for post poll alliance partners. All these political parties have realised this fact that it is very difficult for any single party or alliance to make next government at centre; therefore, they have started making some moves in between voting of elections. Before start of Loksabha election, different political parties of India were making different claim about their win. Some parties even went forward and said that they will not be part of any alliance after the declaration of election results. However, now these parties have started changing their stands even before the end of elections e.g. both Congress and Left parties are ready for any new alliance after the completion of Loksabha Election 2009 whereas these parties were against each other few months back. We will get chance to see numbers of such changes in the moods of different political part

History of First Indian (British Indian) Paper Currency (pictures)

First currency notes were introduced in India by Bank of Bengal initially known as Bank of Calcutta in early 1800. Initially, Bank of Bengal only introduced one sided notes for limited circulation as substitute for gold mohurs. These notes were printed on one side while leaving blank other side of notes. However, later bank also introduced both side printed and more advanced notes for commercial use. These notes were very ordinary type and do not have security feature like present notes have. Many of these notes helped British government in funding battle against various Indian rulers like Tipu Sultan and Marathas. In 1861, British government passed Paper Currency Act of 1861 which provided them monopoly to print and issue Indian currencies notes. British government published notes for India under different series starting from Victoria portrait series and ending with George V series. In between, they also introduced Underprint series and King’s portrait series. With the