Does congress has accepted defeat in Loksabha Election 2009?

Numbers of big Congress leaders included Rahul Ghandi has accepted this fact in front of media that they may need support of new regional parties and old allies like left to form next government at centre. From these statements we can infer that Congress has accepted defeat in Loksabha election 2009 or Congress is now sure that UPA will not succeed in getting enough seats to form government at centre.

Number of post election surveys are also pointing out that UPA is now likely to get near about 200 seats and there are good chances that UPA’s numbers can go less than 200. In this kind of situation, Congress will have only option left in their hand is to look for new allies like JD (U), TDP, AIADMK, BJD etc which are supposed to perform better in these elections. Moreover, there are also good chances that BJP can overtake Congress to become single largest political party in next Loksabha.

Different statements from top Congress leaders also suggest that Congress is familiar with present ground reality and they have started working on new plans to remain safe after Loksabha results. After the polling in three phases of elections, it looks that Congress does not see any good positive hopes for itself. By the night of 16 May, we will have clear picture of next Loksabha 2009, however, political parties have already started making their moves to take early positions.

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