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Final Projections Loksabha Election 2009 (Exit Poll)

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Finally, Loksabha Election 2009 (India) ended today with the end of final phase of Loksabha Election. Results of all these phases will be available in front of us on 16 May after 8 AM onwards. With the end of Loksabha Election, ban on exit polls have also lifted. Therefore, below people can find final projections based on just concluded Loksabha Elections. These projections are based on the final expected results of all five phases. The main point which is again emerging out of these projections is that neither UPA nor NDA has clear edge over other front to make a government at centre. Third front is emerging as a big winner because it can get 90-120 seats, therefore, we can even see government from third front with the outside support of NDA or UPA. UPA is likely to loss good numbers of seats in these elections because its alliance partners like RJD, LJP, DMK, and NCP to loss good numbers of seats. This time it is unlikely for UPA to cross 200 seat marks. On the other hand, NDA can slightly improve its situation by winning 20 plus more seats. Overall, UPA and NDA will get 190-200 seats with few seats here and there. It is also difficult to predict largest signal party in present Loksabha Election because both BJP and Congress are likely to get 145-155 seats. Third front is likely to play very important role in 2009 Loksabha. For exact position of results, we are required to wait till 16 May when we will get exact results of Loksabha Election.

State Totalseats Congress BJP Others

AP 42 25 1 11 (TDP) 4 (TRS) 1 Oths
Assam 14 6 3 2 (AJP) 3 Oths
Bihar 37 1 11 17 JD(U) 3 LJP 5 RJD
Chhattisgarh 11 2 9 0
Delhi 7 5 2 0
Gujarat 26 9 17
Goa 2 1 1
Haryana 10 3 2 4 (INL) 1 Oth
HP 4 1 3
J&K 6 1 1 2 (NC) 1 (PDP) 1 Oth
Jharkhand 14 3 8 3 Oths
Karnataka 28 8 18 2 JD(S)
Kerala 20 12 0 8 (Left)
Rajasthan 25 13 11 1 oth
MP 29 6 23
Maharashtra 48 12 15 11 (SS) 10 (NCP)
North-East 11 4 0 2 (NCP) 5 (Oths)
Orissa 21 9 3 9 (BJD)
Punjab 13 6 2 5 (Akali Dal)
Tamilnadu 39 5 0 16 (AIDMK) 4 (PMK) 13 (DMK) 1 (MDMK)
UP 80 7 21 23 (SP) 25 (BSP) 4 OTHs
Uttarakhand 5 2 3
UTs 6 3 0 3 Oths
West Bengal 42 8 0 24 (left) 10(TC)

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