Who will win Delhi Assembly Election 2008? (Opinion Poll)

People of Delhi will vote on 29 Nov to elect new government in Delhi. Presently, Delhi assembly is in control of Congress party from last 10 years. In Delhi assembly main contest is between Congress and BJP. There are total 70 seats in Delhi assembly. For making a government in Delhi winning party is required to win 36 seats. BJP is very optimistic about this election and they are claiming their win in these elections.

On the other hand, Congress is also very positive about winning Delhi assembly elections for third time in row. BJP has named popular BJP leader from Delhi V K Malhotra as their chief ministerial candidate who will face two times CM of Delhi Sheila Dixit. In last 2003 elections, Congress got landslide victory in Delhi elections by winning 47 seats against only 20 seats won by BJP. Now, people must be interested in knowing about current trends, does BJP will come to power in Delhi or Sheila Dixit will retain her government.

The answer to this question is very surprising as Sheila Dixit may again come to power in Delhi. Most of opinion/exit polls done by various news agencies are pointing that Congress has slight edge over BJP in these elections. According to reports Congress is likely to win 35-39 seats while BJP is likely win 28-32 seats, whereas 3-4 seats can go to other party or independent candidates.

However, margin of votes will be very less between winning and losing candidates, therefore, it is difficult to predict exact picture of Delhi assembly. If BJP loses this assembly polls then major culprit will be internal struggle in BJP. Final picture of Delhi assembly election will become clear on 8th Dec when election results will declared.

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