Partial Solar (Lunar) Eclipse Today

Today, India will witness a partial solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will be visible in most parts of world and some parts of world will even get chance to witness total solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will first start in North east part of India first. In India this solar eclipse will last for around two hours.

This eclipse will start at 4:02 PM in Delhi and end at 6:02 PM. This solar eclipse will have maximum impact at 5:00 PM. In rest of India, times of solar eclipse can vary slightly. It is mostly a rare opportunity to watch a total solar eclipse which happens today in many parts of world. Complete solar eclipse will be seen in Arctic, north-eastern Canada, north-eastern Greenland, central Russia, western Mongolia, and north-western China.

Russia will get maximum chance to watch total solar eclipse for longest period of 2 minutes and 27 seconds. A solar eclipse takes place whenever moon comes between sun and earth and cause obstruction in Sun’s light reaching to earth. Nasa has decided to provide live telecast of this solar eclipse, people can watch this solar eclipse live on Nasa TV. It is dangerous to watch sun with naked eyes during a solar eclipse.

Also watch Solar Eclipse live by visiting-Watch Nasa TV Live

Video of Complete Solar Eclipse 1st Aug, 2008
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