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Movie Review- Singh is King

Finally, Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming film of this year, “Singh is King” released today in India and across world. Akshay and Katrina pair has given hit films like “Namestay London” and “Welcome” last year; therefore, people also have many expectations from this film too. Well to large extent, “Singh is King” is able to carry forward same tradition of good films from Akshay and Katrina pair and we can expect another hit film from them. However, this film is not best among all films of this pair.

We can rate “Singh is King” as good entertainer and it is a good one time watch. Singh is King has its own weak points which stops this film from becoming an excellent film. At few places, especially before intermission film become very dull and many scenes in film looked to be made in some hurry and without proper editing. Story wise film does not have much in it; story of film revolves around a good Sikh youth who always remain ready to help others. He visits Australia to get his village friends who have become top underworld gangsters there.

Finally, Akshay persuade his fellow friends to leave these wrong acts and come back to India. Katrina is looking stunning and more beautiful in this film and Akshay Kumar is also looking great as a Sikh. However, now this hit pair has started giving same old look and repeated performances again and again. Music of film is really good and it is really enjoyable to watch these songs on big screen. Earlier, there were few speculations that few Sikh organisations may protest screening of this film; however, after watching film, I do not think that there will be much protest against this film because this film presents Sikh community of India in very positive sense.

This film tells us about the beauty of Sikh people and how innocently they come forward for others help. This film will definitely become another hit of Ahskay and Katrina pair. Other actors like Om Puri, Sonu Sood, Javed Jaffrey, Neha Dhupia etc have also given excellent performance in this film. Overall, Singh is King is a good entertainer for which people can give their few hours. This film is also good for enjoying with family because it tells people and children to follow good habits. Overall, people can rate this film from 2.75 to 3.25 out of 5 points as per taste.

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