Indiscipline at Olympics by Indian Athletes

It is very important for players of any nation to show proper respect for rules made by their sports authorities. However, presently few Indian players do not think that these rules have any importance to them. One of such incidence emerged during opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games when two Indian female Athletes failed in managing a time for wearing Sarees as told to them by Indian Olympic association.

All Indian players are supposed to wear ethnic Indian clothes during Opening ceremony of games. Male players were supposed to wear Sherwanis and female players were supposed to wear Sarees. However, tennis player Sania Mirza and Sunitha Rao appeared in Opening ceremony in track suits. Both players made excuse that they do not have enough time to wear Sarees because they reached late from practise season.

Though, we all know that it is not much tough to manage time and success or failure in sports also depend upon ability to manage time. Moreover, Neha Aggarwal other female athlete choose to wear different colour saree for this occasion. These incidences clearly show lack of discipline among Indian players who are participating in Olympic Games. It looks that these players think themselves more important than Indian pride, which is not good for games.

Already, Indian sports are going through very bad time and we are waiting for some miracle to happen so that we can win a Gold medal in Beijing Olympics. Hopefully, we will not see repeat of these kinds of incidences in future and our sportsperson will show proper respect for various protocols set by authorities.

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