Akhil Kumar defeated World champion Vodopyanov Sergey in Boxing

In a thrilling boxing pre-quarter final match of Beijing Olympics 54 Kg category Akhil Kumar defeated World champion Vodopyanov Sergey of Russia. Both Boxers managed to score 9 points each, however, finally Akhil is declared winner because of more number of punches hit by him to Vodopyanov. Earlier, Vodopyanov was able to get lead in first two rounds, however, Akhil managed to win last two rounds and thus equalising scores. Vodopyanov, a Russian and world champion, boxer was in tears when got results. With this win now, gold medal hopes in boxing have become more strong for India.

Final score of Akhil Kumar-
1st rnd 2nd rnd 3rd rnd 4rth rd Ttl

Akil- 1 3 3 2 9
Vodopyanov 2 4 2 1 9

Akhil won this game for hitting more punches.

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