Review- The Dark Knight (Superb)

After quite a long time, I got a chance to watch a wonderful and action packed film. “The Dark Night” is latest film in Batman series and is one of the best films in series. Though, I am not a big fan of Batman, however, I enjoyed this film very much. This film is directed by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale is performing role of Batman. “The Dark Knight” is a sequel of earlier batman film “Batman Begins” released in 2005.

This film in Batman series will definitely change image of Batman in our minds, in future, people will imagine Batman as more modern super hero than his earlier versions. In this changing world, Batman also requires some change and these are best changes in him which we see in this film. The main attraction of this Batman film is amazing and thrilling action scenes which beat many big action films.

Some of the action scenes are really awesome and people will really love to watch them again and again. Camera work is wonderful throughout film and direction is also of top quality. Story of film revolves around fight between Batman and Joker. Late Heath Ledger has performed role of Joker and people will definitely remember him for his great acting. Joker try to control whole city and uncover mask of Batman, however, finally he fail in both. This film successfully provides a new attractive and positive look for Batman and show us what batman can do for saving this world.

This film has also retained most of basic batman concepts, though also added number of futuristic features and powers in Batman’s bag. This film will definitely increase expectations of people from next films in Batman series. Overall, this movie provides a good watch for all action film and batman lovers.

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