Why life is a psychological and emotional game?

Large numbers of people in this world believe that destiny has lot of control on their lives and they can do very less to change their fate. However, reverse of it is true because we take number of wrong decisions in our life due to the influence of others and then blame destiny. This world in which we live is a big psychological and emotional game. Here people miss no opportunity to fool others through psychological and emotional tactics.

Many times people around us make us to believe number of things which they actually want us to believe by using various rule of psychology and emotional tactics. Moreover, large numbers of people believe these false realities created by others and follow paths shown by others. Now when they fail in these paths then they blame god or destiny which has no role to play in these wrong decisions taken by them. If we know some of the emotional or psychological weaknesses of a person then we can easily mould him or her to act as per our wish.

Some of these tactics remain so strong that they work very well and a person never knows about this reality. Moreover, when people realise that they are being used through psychological or emotional tactics then already they have no control over situation. These psychological and emotional games are so much common in our world that we can easily find every other person making every other person fool.

People use these tactics in every field love, relations, career, society and everywhere. Best option to save ourselves from these games is to make ourselves stronger emotionally and psychologically. Mostly, people succeed in using us because we fail in controlling our weaknesses and provide others a chance to exploit us. Though, we cannot become 100% safe by making us strong but we can remove lot of worries and thus have lot of control on our destiny.

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