Increasing world of Blogging

Blogs, which are online version of daily diaries, where people write about various things which they like, however, blogs differ from general form of diaries because mostly people do not share their diaries with anyone whereas blogs are shared online with rest of world. Despite some differences both blogs and diaries are serving the same purpose by encouraging us to write what we feel. People of today’s generation feel no inhibition in sharing their thoughts with rest of the world.

Therefore, we get a chance to read views of many people of different age group, sex, religions and nationality. With the help of blogs, we can easily learn about the lives of different people like how they face difficulties, how they enjoy their life etc. In this way, we can learn lot from others lives and make improvements in our life. Today, I got a chance to read a blog called Sunshine & Merriment written by a Filipina blogger mom.

In her blog, she writes about her life experiences and about her one year old son. On her blog, we can find many interesting posts to read and some pictures of watch. Women across the world are finding blogging very interesting and enjoyable, therefore, we are seeing rise in the numbers of women bloggers. This is really a positive outcome and great opportunity available in front of women to express their views.
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