Why K P S Gill is creating embarrassing situation for himself and others?

It really looks very surprising when aged people behave in childish manner. President of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF), Mr K P S Gill has created lot of name for himself both during his service in Punjab police and second in Indian hockey. K P S Gill is still remembered for his stand against terrorism and how he helped in the eradication of terrorism from Punjab. Indian hockey also saw number of ups and downs during his tenure.

However, he may admit or not present condition of Indian hockey is not fine and therefore, some immediate steps are required to solve this problem. On the other hand, K P S Gill is still adamant on continuing as president of IHF then giving chance to other new talents for improving the state of Indian hockey. He has already taken 15 long years for improving the condition of India which is anyway a big time taken by any person for improving a game like hockey.

After the failure of Indian hockey team in qualifying for Beijing Olympics, we can easily imagine the state of present hockey. If K P S Gill is not able to give result in fifteen years then there are very less chances that he will make any big difference in hockey in future. Already, parliamentarians have started a signature campaign to suspend Mr K P S Gill from the post of IHF president. So far, 100 parliamentarians across the party line have signed this petition for removing him.

In future, there are very much chances that large numbers of parliamentarians come against Mr Gill and forcefully remove him from his position. If this happens than this will definitely be a very embarrassing situation for Mr Gill and for whole nation. Therefore, it is very important for Mr K P S Gill to leave his post with respect after judging the sentiments of people and giving chance to new person for improving the state of Indian hockey. Game of hockey is very big than any individual and therefore, any person should not be allowed to ruin it for its personal goals.

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