Why it is necessary to get bill from service centre after service?

Today, India is slowly becoming a global market with most of the electronic products available here. Indians are also accepting modern technology faster and becoming familiar with most latest electronic products. Most of the electronic companies which now operate in India also provide service centres for solving the problems of people.

It is very hard for any person to buy a electronic product which never gives him a problem, therefore, we are required to visit these service centres for the repair of our electronic products like mobile sets, laptops, data cards etc. Though, these service centres provide service to our products, however, sometimes chances remain that problem may persist after repair again or repair creates other problems.

Mostly, these service centres are given by companies to local people on the franchise basis and sometime, they try to manipulate with the original parts, provide inferior service, charge more amount of money from you etc. Any person can face this kind of problem when dealing with these service centres; therefore, it is very-2 important for every person to collect the bill of money paid for particular service because otherwise your service centre can put blame on you for their faults.

If you have the bill of payment made for any service then you can easily force them for providing the free service for problem created by them. Moreover, your right of going to the consumer court also remain open if you collect the bill of services taken by you of any service centre. Mostly, these service centre avoid giving any bills for the amount taken against any service and this act create problems for people in future, if their electronic product start showing same problem again.

Moreover, bills taken for the services can even also make the parent company responsible by failing in providing right customer service to people. In nutshell, it is very important to get bill of any money paid to such service centres because it can save lot of problems later.
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