Aishwaraya is Pregnant?

Large numbers of fans of Aishwarya wants to know the answer of this question that their favourite star is pregnant or not. Already this rumour is very strong in the public and media that Aishwarya is pregnant and therefore, she is avoiding coming out of her home and doing work in films. In last two months, many news papers and media channels around India have reported in the support of this fact.

These rumour also become stronger when Aishwarya said no to working in most expensive film of bollywood “Robot” staring Rajnikanth. Aishwarya was offered around 6 crore rupees for working in this movie, which is highest amount ever paid to any actress in India. Aishwarya mainly said no to this film because this film is scheduled for star in just few months.

Second fact which increasing the curiosity of people is absence of Aishwarya from public life, from last few month Aishwarya is mostly avoiding coming out of her home and attending public functions. Third fact which is related to astrology also indicates toward this conclusion. Recently, Aishwarya was caught on camera performing a ritual while entering home which is mostly performed by pregnant women in India and it also coincides with religious beliefs of bachan family.

Though, this is a highly personal matter of Bachan family but still these three facts strongly indicate toward entry of new member in Bachan family. Therefore, fans of Aishwarya and Bachan family can soon hope to hear some good news related to their favourite star.

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