It is a Nice film (Movie Review-“Taare Zameen Par”)

Finally, Director Amir Khan is in front of us and he is really rocking in his new avatar. Taare Zameen Par is not wonderful because Amir Khan has acted in it but his direction speaks in this film. This is his first film as director and this film has impressed so many people that they were not able to stop their tears. In the last half of the movie, which is best part of movie, it is very difficult for anybody to stop himself from emotionally carried away by the film. This film did not get block buster opening like other release Welcome but Taare Zameen Par will definitely steal the show soon.

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Story of film revolves around a 3rd class student who finds difficulty in concentrating and remembering things because of disorder dyslexia (a learning disability). However, nobody neither care for the boy (Ishaan) nor understand his problem till situations become more complex and causes a mental trauma to the child. Just before interval, enters a new art teacher Amir Khan who not only understands the problem of Ishaan but also help him in solving his problem and getting his confidence back. This film is a good watch for all of us because this story is related to everyone in some or other way.

In the present world, where getting good marks and remaining on the top has become a constant demand from children by their parents and therefore, large numbers of children suffer due to huge expectation put on their small shoulders. This film is a good try by the Amir Khan and we need more such films in future. However, still certain loopholes are present in film like film become very slow or boring at certain points especially in first half. Film look slightly stretched in first half for showing the life and traumas associated with Ishaan, which can be easily done in half of time because number of one and half hour Hollywood movies are present on similar topics which are able to convey more deep meaning than Taare Zameen Par in just half time like “Bee Season”.

Still, despite all the errors and shortcoming, this is the best Bollywood version of children oriented films in which we are very-2 behind from rest of world. Child actor Darsheel Safary who played the role of Ishaan Awasthi has played an excellent role and I will not shy to say that this film totally depends on his shoulders. It is his realistic acting which makes Taare Zameen Par alive from start to end and he has even out performed Amir Khan. Rest of the actors and supporting actors are fine and provided a good and natural look to the film. The main victory of this Taare Zameen Par is that many people are able to relate with this film and it will not be surprising if some people say that this is their story. This film is promoted like a children film but this film holds a good watch for all of us. At the end, I only want to say that Amir Khan is a fine director and we can expect more wonderful film from him in Future.

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