Cruel realities of 1984 riots

Sometimes, it looks very difficult to believe that people of present world can burn someone alive for no fault of his. All this got revealed during the recent testimony of one of the eye witness in 1984 Sikh riots. In his interview, he described the episode of burning of two Sikh personals by the mob during the 1984 riots. Mob put tyres around the body of persons then burned the tyres. This is an ugly truth related to mob violence which makes all of us shame. People can watch the four video series of CNN-IBN for knowing the details of riots and watch the testimony of person. Moreover, now it becomes quite evident that Jagdish Tytler has played crucial role in fuelling these riots and recent clean chit by the CBI to him is just an eye wash to save him. People of India really want justice in this case and a strong message to the leaders like Jagdish Tytler that they will not be allowed to move free after doing such horrifying crimes.

Video 1-

video 2
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