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RJD MP Papu Yadav needs a Weight Loss surgery

Today, Supreme Court of India asked AIIMS (All India institute of Medical Sciences) to give report in ten days about the feasibility of weight loss operation of jailed RJD MP Papu Yadav. Papu Yadav has admitted a bail petition in Supreme Court for allowing him to go through weight loss operation because for his better health he needs a weight loss operation immediately. However, Supreme Court of India wants to confirm all the possibility before granting any bail to Papu Yadav because of his criminal track record and earlier bail order violations. In the recent few years, weight loss surgeries have become very popular among the Indians with number of Indians going for weight loss surgeries like Tampa lap band surgery. These kinds of the weight loss surgeries are already very much popular in the western nations. In India, we can easily give one live example available in front of us of Adnan Sami. Famous singer Adnan Sami has significantly reduced his weights by many Kilograms with the help of these weight loss surgeries. Papu Yadav might also have same plans in his mind; however, this whole thing could be an attempt by Papu Yadav to free him from the jail. So far, we all need to wait for about two weeks before getting Court’s decision.


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