Increasing figure of death toll in Bangladesh Cyclone

As per the present estimates, there are more than 4000 people feared died in recent cyclone 'Sidr' which hit the south western coastal line of Bangladesh on 16th November. This tool can even rise further if no proper and immediate relief is provided to millions of the effected people. This cyclone is believed to the biggest cyclone in last 20 years.

This cyclone has affected approximately 20 districts out of 64 districts of Bangladesh. This cyclone has severely affected these districts of Bangladesh and most of the basic facilities like roads, telephones, houses etc have got washed away in the cyclone. Many nations from across the world have come forward for the help of Bangladesh by providing money and relief material.

UN has also allocated US$ 8.8 million for the relief work in Bangladesh. Cyclone ‘Sidr’ is believed to have left behind more devastation than Hurricane Katrina, which was biggest cyclone in US and killed around 2000 people. Presently, people of Bangladesh really need the help of world for coming out of this tragedy and stopping death toll from increasing further.

Watch CNN video of Cyclone

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  1. Guys , I have been working with some relief aid agencies especially with Red Cross & American Childcare. My best friends grandfather's house was gone and the near his village Chadpur the lake you could see dead cattles, it was just a horrible experience. The scale of such work is huge and all international aid agencies are still pledgeing for more aid. The aid currently arriving is either too slow or not enough. Every day people are dieing and death toll is increasing, its estimated around 10,000 people. But we can try our best to minimize it but donating all our spare dollars or cents to various aid agencies working in Bangladesh. Also, some of our friends to help these aid agecnies they have even started a website called which is conveying the messages of all aid agencies to the whole world. If people are interested to donate or help out, you can check the website and choose which ever aid agency you would like to donate or help out, sorry we dont collect money. Please, the longer we postpone the more death toll increases. So please “Help Us To Help Them Survive”. Join us and support . Help all thise aid agencies and help our help. Every dollar helps us to save one person life.

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