Mukesh Ambani is now world's Richest Person

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After breaking the record of richest Indian in the world, Mukesh Ambani has now again broken one more record by becoming “the richest person in the world”. Today as Indian stock market achieved new heights by touching the 20000 mark for the first time, with the net wealth of Mukesh Ambani also crossing the net wealth of Bill Gates and thus helping him become the richest man in the world. With the rise in the stock market, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth roused to Rs 2,49,108 crore or roughly 63.4 billion which is slightly more than the net wealth of Bill Gates which is believed to be around $ 62.3 billion.

Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican businessman, is also believed to be in the second number with slightly more wealth than Bill Gates. However, we are more concerned about the big achievement of Mukesh Ambani, as he is the first Indian to achieve this height by removing the supremacy of Western nations in the wealth chart. At present, the Indian stock market looks to be in flying mode and therefore, we can even expect more increase in the wealth of Mukesh Ambani in the near future.

Hardly one month back Mukesh was in fourth place in the world's richest people's telly. Overall this is a great sign for India and it also gives a message to the world that now, India is no more a poor nation dependent on the grand of developed nations. However, uneven growth among the people of India is still a worrying sign for the Indian growth story and therefore, India needs to provide a balance in wealth among its huge population for more stability and growth.

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