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India is a wonderful country and it is known for its traditions and cultures. We can also say India as a country of various festivals. Tomorrow on 29th October, in India one festival will be celebrated by the married women across India, which is known as Karva Chauth. Karva Chauth is celebrated by the married women for the long life of their husbands. On this occasion, women remain on fast for complete day. Moreover, this is not an ordinary fast like other fasts, as in this fast not only the food, but water is also prohibited till seeing the moon in the sky. Most of the fasts in India allow drinking of water during fast. This fast really represents an example of great sacrifice by women for their husband.

On the day of karva chauth, women wake up early in the morning before the sun rise, approximately at 4 o’clock and then eat specially meant food for this fast known as “sargi” and drink water. Then after that for the whole day, they cannot even drink a single drop of water or eat anything. This fast is not forced on women by anybody, but they do it on their own will. In the evening, some women collect and do the prayer. In prayer they listen to the story associated with karva chauth. After that starts the long wait for seeing the moon. Fast is believed complete and successful only after seeing the moon.

This fast is a whole day long wait for the moon. There are many stories associated with the karva chauth, but not any concrete valid document is found so far in its support. This fast is supposed to be associated with long life of husband. Initially this festival has presence in only Hindi speaking parts of India. But now it has becomes popular in other regions of India also. Even women from other religion have also started to celebrate it. This festival gives women a way to show their love for their husbands.

Many people are of the view that this is only an exploitation of women and this type of activities should be discontinued. They blame the orthodox beliefs for this fast. It is supposed that this festival will die with the time and new generation will not accept it. But things have gone in other way, opposite to what is supposed. More and more new generation’s newly married young women are accepting it. This festival is successful not only with the new generation, but it has increased its penetration in other parts of India only.

The main reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. It provides a way to show the love and sacrifice for the husbands. Not only the women but also some men do the fast with their wives. This provides a great way to show and share love emotion with each other. This fast provides a great way to show love. This fast helps the couples in making their lives more acceptable to each other and shows how strongly, they are associated with each other. Peoples against this fast may say anything, but this festival is going to remain for long time in India and will enjoy a good status in married women’s life.

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