Aishwarya back home to celebrate her first karva chauth and Deepawali

Finally Aishwarya Bachan, star bahu of the Bachan family is back in India to celebrate her first Karva chauth and Deepwali after her marriage with Abhishek Bachan early this year. Aishwarya reached back home on Saturday from the Boston, where she was busy in the shooting of Hollywood movie The Pink Panth 2. Aishwarya Rai is playing a lead role in this movie and we will watch her as special expert providing help in solving the case of artefacts stealing. The Pink Panth, first movie in this series is already a big hit; therefore, Aishwarya will definitely have lot of hopes from this movie. So far, Aishwarya is not able to attain any significant success with her Hollywood ventures.

Presently, it looks that Aishwarya is one two week long holidays to celebrate her most important festivals after the marriage. Both Amitab Bachan and Abhishek Bachan were present on the airport to receive Aishwarya and even Amitab drove the car back home carrying her bahu, really a great show of love. Happiness on the face of Amitab bachan and Abhishek bachan was clearly visible to get Aishwarya back. Aishwarya Rai was also accompanied by her mother because she was also with her during the shooting of the movie. Tomorrow is Karva Chauth and this fast holds a great significance in lives of the married Indian women, therefore, hopefully Aishwarya will also perform her first karva chauth fast tomorrow for the long life of Abhishek Bachan.

Aishwaya might have done some Karva chauth fast scenes in movies but this real and difficult fast will definitely test the nerves of the Aishwarya Rai. After the Karva chauth, Aishwarya will also celebrate Deepawali with the bachan family. Bachan family must be feeling very happy to get their bahu back on this festival season. This festival season hold a good significance in India, with most of the people grouping with their families and friends to celebrate this festival. We can hope that Bachan family and Bachan bahu will have good festive season ahead and Aishwarya will be able to collect lot of happy memories of the festival season.

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