How many more unborn girls will be killed in Punjab?

Today Punjab, one of the most influential and affluent state of India, is suffering from constant decreasing in the number of girls. Already Punjab has touched the figure of 793 girls per 1000 boys in the age group of 0 to 6 years. Moreover, in coming years, we can even hope to further decline in number of girls in Punjab because people of Punjab are finding it difficult to rise above their age old love for the male child. Today, even modern technology is helping number of these boys loving family by determining the sex of child inside the womb. The result of this sex determination is common, death of millions of girls before they get birth.

Female feticide has become a common story for Punjab, as numbers of nursing homes in Pubnjab are finding it as a good opportunity to earn huge money. I was reading one report which says that “The northern states are prosperous but they kill their daughters”.* Really a matter of shame for state like Punjab which is known as the land of Saints and Gurus, who all have advocated equal rights and opportunities to women. However, large numbers of People of Punjab are not ready to listen to their gurus and gods and they do not have any shame in killing their unborn daughters.

All this indicate towards a much deep rooted psychological problem in Punjab which need immediate attention of people, government, religions and society, otherwise days will not be away when young bachelors of Punjab will also look towards the Southern states for getting a bride for them like their Haryana counter parts are doing presently. Punjab government, religious outfits and NGO’s have done some work in solving this problem by making laws, announcing rewards to girl parents and starting awareness campaigns, however still the result of all these efforts are not significant and situation is becoming more and more problematic with every day number of girls killed before taking birth.


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