Doctor mother kill her son due to superstition

This information may look wrong to large number of people while at first glance but this is a big ugly reality from the Rohtak district in Haryana state of India. Mostly, we all have this perception that illiterate and poor people believe in superstition and these kinds of activities are performed by them under the influence of some tantriks or Gurus. However, this time a totally opposite thing has come in front of us, as the culprit in this case is a quailed doctor and professor in prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences or popularly known as PGI, Rohtak.

According to the news, Dr Promila Malik was upset with the poor performance of her elder son (Abhishek) in the pre-medical exams and therefore she tried to transfuse some blood of her 12 year old younger son (Piyush), who was very active in studies, in to the body of her elder son. However, in this whole process Piyush died due to excessive bleeding. She confessed to police that she done all this on the orders of Guruji, who used to come in her dreams.

From the beginning of this case, police was also looking in to the role of some tantrik activity as they found items like mustard oil, religious books and other material used in tantric activities. Also the role of boy’s Father is under suspicion because he just left his him before the incident and therefore police has also arrested him. This material clearly indicates that superstition is still very much influencing large number of people in India and even educated people are also becoming victim of this ugly trend which has time to time taken the life of many innocents.

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