Where I fit in this world?

This world is a strange place to live for many people who want some thing different, new and simple. However most of world around us is full of same, old and complex things. The other factor which affects most of people is that it is difficult to pursue the reverse path. Most of us are only forced to pursue the same paths again and again.

Our societies have created few rules and philosophy and it want us to follow these rules only. Some people claim these rules and philosophies as religions, customs or beliefs. It is very difficult for an individual to create new custom and belief for himself. If some one tries to go against the world then he is either treated as a foolish or a saint.

A person is treated like mad if he is not able to persuade the world and if he convinces us then he become a saint. Societies or groups decide on the truth whereas individual holds no sayings. This is a strange world where we look on the others and follow them. We born here as simple, innocent and pure creatures but sadly we are pushed to become ugly, cruel and dirty.

Nobody in this world knows the truth of existence but still we are removing the existence of other creatures of this world on the name of religion, caste, greed and boundaries. There is hardly any difference between the humans and their skills around the world. But still we have so many religions, countries and customs. Unnecessary greed and routine is making all of just robots.

For most of the people in this world, only routine is to sleep, wake, work and again sleep. We are moving in a start line with no turn and no one here knows that where he is going. Some people feel very happy to accumulate huge wealth, precious things and power; however no one considers this single point that we have also behaved similar like the animals.

Every animal in his life also do all this things and animals also attain power, control and special places for them in group. We feel like human and superior creature because we have lot more things available to surprise ourselves. Only with great insight on the world and our life we can understand this difference and live life like real humans.
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