Increasing Violence

Increasing violence around us shows a great concern for most of the people. This violence is taking the life of many innocent people around the world. This violence has many root causes associated with it. Sometimes it is religious violence, sometimes it by the terrorists, sometimes it is by the state polices and sometimes due to regional issues. Even numbers of violence involving few people are very common. It is hard to imagine that who is not affected with this violence. Many times it becomes very hard to imagine that which place is safe for us. Terrorist can attack us any time or religious violence can destroy everything of us. Yesterday few soldiers of the Indian army killed five other fellow soldiers and a jeweller was killed by the robbers. Violence has found a stable place in our life, therefore it become very hard to imagine that this world is safe for us. We all need to create a positive atmosphere of healthy living for making a violence fee world. However the increasing violence is giving only hint that no efforts are being made in this direction.

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