VR Hosted canges to Net Actuate

Many webmasters previously might have used the site vr.org for various hosting needs because this site has remained a trusted site for lot of the people around the world. The major reason behind it is the unmatched and efficient provided by this site to the people. There are many people who want VR Hosted sites because they have never experienced any problem with this site. However many people would not be aware with the change in name of the VR Hosted to Net Actuate. This new site also assures the same service and many new features to the people which are even better and economical than the previous site.

People can find many attractive plans and offers on this site with the trust of better service through out. Like consider their hosting plan which offers 5 gb disk space, 10 domain names, 100gb transfer and all this at the price of $10/month. Like this many more unbelievable plans are available on this site which people can easily get. People also look this site for the server collocation and IP Transit. People can get 1u, 1000gb transfer, Remote Reboots, all this only for the $99/mo. Many other things can be accessed on this site which could help in managing a website business more properly. Therefore people can trust the Net Actuate in the same way as they were trusting V hosted.
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