Power of own business

There are billions of people around the world who work directly or indirectly for the others. From yeas we are living in a society were very few people opt for their own business. Mostly we all want to play a safe game of working for the others. There are many people who remain working for few rupees for the whole and find themselves suffering in the end of their life. It is not the question that these people are not capable, the only problem is that they do not have require will power for making their own business successful. Many others have limited resource and are not able to manage the required cash for the business. However, if we see then the owner or the higher executive are growing the more, while the ordinary people are not able to get the most of the benefits. In most the businesses the margins are quite high, however very less amount of it is shared with the lower level employees. Stating a own business involves lot of risk but the benefits are very high as compared to the risks. People who can manage risks and have resources must look for setting up their own business.
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