Sexual dissatisfaction cases after marriage

Sexual dissatisfaction cases after marriage
Recently, there is raise in cases of sexual dissatisfaction in India. The number of woman who is feeling sexual dissatisfied are on the raise. As par the latest review on the sexual life of Indians, there is a rise in sexual dissatisfaction. According to the doctors now more numbers of women are taking their husbands to doctors for getting treatment. Due to the rise of diabetes and heart patients in India, the sexual potency of male is also decreasing.

This is becoming one of the biggest reasons in divorce. To tap this huge potential, recently drug major Pfizer is forced to lunch its cidenafil tab Viagra in Indian market. Although, the tablets with same composition and salt are already available in Indian market and at a ten time less price still Pfizer is optimistic of its success. In India twenty years back women do not come openly due to the social stigma.

They take it as their luck and pass their whole life. However now with the increase of self awareness and woman empowerment, they are becoming more aware. Today’s Indian woman doesn’t want to compromise on it, therefore they even take hard steps like divorce. Moreover the sexual dissatisfaction is of lot of types. Many men due to their business obligations are not able to give proper time to their wives. Some of the male have sexual dysfunctions, out of which some are treatable and others are none treatable.

Some male are also suffering from the psychological disorders. 90% of the cases treatment is available and only 10 % cases are non curable. However due to less awareness and not proper understanding of each other, people spoil their relations. Like the other diseases, there should not be any shame in treating sexual dysfunctions. Due to the social stigma and shame many people get trapped in the hands of quacks, which are non registered medical practitioners and sell sex enhancement medicines.

Most of the time these quacks are frauds and their aim is to only get money by selling these fake drugs. After marriage man and woman are require to solve these issues with proper understanding and through doctor’s advice. This can help in saving many marriages.
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